From intricate legal labyrinths to clear pathways, our team at JusIP acts as your trusted guide. We’re not just a collection of professionals, but a synergistic force of lawyers, IP experts, technical minds, and IT consultants, each with deep industry knowledge and an unwavering commitment to your success.


Think of us as your one-stop legal powerhouse. Regardless of the domain or challenge, our diverse expertise ensures we have the resources and dedication to tackle complex cases across all disciplines. Whether it’s navigating the intricate world of intellectual property or navigating the corporate landscape, we’re here to empower you with clarity and confidence. So, step into the light with JusIP. We’ll help you navigate the legal complexities with expertise, collaboration, and a solution-oriented approach, ensuring your journey is not just smooth, but transformative.

Experience: A Symphony of Legal Minds

Our team at JusIP isn’t just diverse; it’s a kaleidoscope of legal brilliance. Hailing from India’s top law colleges, each member brings a unique thread to the fabric of our expertise. This tapestry of experience allows us to tackle challenges from multiple angles, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and insightful legal solutions.

INTELLECTUAL SPECTRUM: Where Depth Meets Breadth

Forget siloed expertise. At JusIP, our diverse backgrounds create a vibrant intellectual ecosystem. From patent law to corporate litigation, our team seamlessly navigates the vast landscape of legal issues. This multifaceted approach ensures we can address your specific needs, regardless of the complexity or industry.


EFFICIENCY: A Well-Oiled Symphony

Highly trained and proficient, our team operates like a well-oiled symphony. Each member plays their part flawlessly, ensuring swift and seamless execution. This dedication to efficiency translates into faster turnaround times and sharper results, ultimately benefiting you.

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At JusIP, we strive to achieve intelligent and innovative solutions for every client, delivered through a collaborative and professional approach. As an IP and commercial law firm, we blend expansive sectoral expertise with strategic perspectives to tackle complex legal challenges.

We foster a performance-driven culture while making calibrated decisions mitigating risk factors for clients. Our collaborative work ethos unlocks unique legal and technical insights benefiting client objectives.

Across services in patents, trademarks, copyrights and beyond, we position legal intelligence at the core – be it contract drafting, litigation strategies or enforcement drives related to intellectual property, civil and criminal disputes. We also assist clients on family/matrimonial conflicts through negotiated settlements. Our positive approach targets maximum value creation from legal proceedings and advisory mandates.

The ultimate objective is client delight through a smooth experience where legal complexities get resolved seamlessly. We take pride in making ‘Legal Simple’ for our clients.


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What Our Clients Say

  • Sanjeev Rana
    Director, BTQ Software

    JusIP’s criminal litigation team went above and beyond to defend our company against false accusations. Their meticulous investigation and courtroom expertise exposed the fabricated claims, clearing our name and protecting our reputation. JusIP’s unwavering dedication gave us immense peace of mind during a challenging time.

  • Shivani Verma

    Facing a property dispute can be incredibly stressful. JusIP’s civil law department provided exceptional support throughout the entire process. Their lawyers were not only incredibly knowledgeable but also empathetic and patient, explaining everything clearly. They ensured a smooth resolution and helped me reclaim my rightful ownership.

  • Mr. Vikrant Rao

    JusIP’s commercial litigation specialists were our saving grace. When a competitor infringed on our patent, their swift and strategic approach protected our innovation. They not only understood the technical aspects but also built a rock-solid legal case. Thanks to JusIP, we secured a favorable outcome and continue to thrive.

  • Aisha Kapoor

    JusIP’s guidance on copyright protection for our music library was invaluable. Their team meticulously drafted our licensing agreements, ensuring we have the rights we need and clear terms with artists. We highly recommend JusIP for their expertise in intellectual property law.

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At JusIP, we understand the complexities of the law and their potential impact on your life and business. Whether you face a legal challenge or seek guidance for your endeavors, our experienced team is here to assist you in navigating the legal process with clarity and expertise.

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