Our Founding Partners

Our Pillars of Strength

JusIP draws strength from its founding partners – Jasneet Kaur and Pradeep Sharma – who  chart the firm’s vision and growth strategy leveraging decades of cumulative legal experience. They lead a team of specialized lawyers and advisors offering a full suite of services across intellectual property, corporate law, litigation and alternate dispute resolution. Their complimentary expertise and responsive customer-first approach has established JusIP as a trusted advisor delivering positive outcomes for clients across complex legal matters.

The leadership oversees the firm’s operations across multiple branches while maintaining thought leadership through seminars, workshops and authoring analytical articles, upholding highest professional ethics. Their oversight instills a culture of going beyond the literal brief to unlock optimal value legally.

Jasneet Kaur, Partner and Co-founder at JusIP law firm leads the Intellectual Property and Corporate/Commercial practices. An expert in trademarks, copyrights and technology transactions, she has advised media, pharma, IT clients across 12+ years on IP protection, arbitration and disputes. Jasneet holds law degrees from Government Law College (GLC), Mumbai, and has authored various articles on IP jurisprudence for magazines like IAM Magazine and SpicyIP.

jasneet@jusip.in | +91 70874 21063

Pradeep Sharma, Partner at JusIP drives the Civil, Criminal and General Litigation practice with 15 years of experience in criminal litigation, matrimonial disputes, commercial lawsuits across 1000+ cases. His expertise spans white collar financial/IP crimes litigation leveraging forensics and evidence analysis. Key clients include corporates, banks, PSUs and HNIs from sectors like infrastructure, hospitality etc.

pradeep@jusip.in | +91 98154 44907

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What Our Clients Say

  • Sanjeev Rana
    Director, BTQ Software

    JusIP’s criminal litigation team went above and beyond to defend our company against false accusations. Their meticulous investigation and courtroom expertise exposed the fabricated claims, clearing our name and protecting our reputation. JusIP’s unwavering dedication gave us immense peace of mind during a challenging time.

  • Shivani Verma

    Facing a property dispute can be incredibly stressful. JusIP’s civil law department provided exceptional support throughout the entire process. Their lawyers were not only incredibly knowledgeable but also empathetic and patient, explaining everything clearly. They ensured a smooth resolution and helped me reclaim my rightful ownership.

  • Mr. Vikrant Rao

    JusIP’s commercial litigation specialists were our saving grace. When a competitor infringed on our patent, their swift and strategic approach protected our innovation. They not only understood the technical aspects but also built a rock-solid legal case. Thanks to JusIP, we secured a favorable outcome and continue to thrive.

  • Aisha Kapoor

    JusIP’s guidance on copyright protection for our music library was invaluable. Their team meticulously drafted our licensing agreements, ensuring we have the rights we need and clear terms with artists. We highly recommend JusIP for their expertise in intellectual property law.