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About JusIP

At JusIP, we strive to achieve intelligent and innovative solutions for every client, delivered through a collaborative and professional approach. As an IP and commercial law firm, we blend expansive sectoral expertise with strategic perspectives to tackle complex legal challenges.

We foster a performance-driven culture while making calibrated decisions mitigating risk factors for clients. Our collaborative work ethos unlocks unique legal and technical insights benefiting client objectives.

Across services in patents, trademarks, copyrights and beyond, we position legal intelligence at the core – be it contract drafting, litigation strategies or enforcement drives related to intellectual property, civil and criminal disputes. We also assist clients on family/matrimonial conflicts through negotiated settlements. Our positive approach targets maximum value creation from legal proceedings and advisory mandates.

The ultimate objective is client delight through a smooth experience where legal complexities get resolved seamlessly. We take pride in making ‘Legal Simple’ for our clients.

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At JusIP, our legal philosophy rests on the belief that timely guidance when blended with  out-of-the-box yet practical perspectives can create immense value for clients – be it individuals, companies or organizations. We strive to deliver services where legal aspects become enablers of business success rather than hindrances to growth.

This is powered by:

  • Deep sectoral expertise across verticals that assists in decoding complex challenges quicker
  • Maintaining highest ethical standards promoting fair and compliant business practices
  • Considering long-term impacts while advising on options and trade-offs

Our approach leverages:

  • Collective intellect of specialists across internal teams and external partners
  • Objective analysis balancing risks and opportunities
  • Foresight to steer clients clear of future disputes or compliance pitfalls

We take pride in solving complex issues with simpler perspectives without losing sight of the context or practical feasibility. With strategic thinking, responsiveness, and tailored solutions – we assure seamless legal experience.

Our Vision / Mission & Approach

Our Mindset

Our vision 

At JusIP, we envision ourselves being leaders in decoding complex legal challenges into actionable intelligence across sectors. It remains our objective to be the most trusted legal experts for clients, companies and innovators seeking to strategically create, protect and monetize their organizations, institutions and intellectual creations using a solution-focused approach.

Through our work, we strive to set new benchmarks in ‘client delight’ by blending passion, integrity, knowledge, and innovation.

Our Mission 

The mission of team JusIP is to provide comprehensive legal assistance and strategic advisory to empower clients in achieving business and innovation goals. We strive to offer seamless end-to-end support across sectors and provide specialized services in Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, IP Litigation, enforcement as well as transaction advisory and compliance.

We utilize a collaborative work ethos tapping collective insights to deliver quality, and it is our endeavor to surpass expectations every time. Our high competence and positive approach strive to make legal seem simple by tackling complex challenges with a solution-first perspective
focused on client interests.

Our Approach

Our approach rests on the pillars of true professionalism, expansive expertise, competitive edge, collaborative work, and positive outcomes.

At JusIP, we foster a performance culture through ambition and innovation but streamlined via calibrated decisions that balance risks. Our professionals bring cross-disciplinary expertise across sectors that aid in decoding complex challenges quicker.

We tap collective intelligence and insights from wider ecosystem partners that fuels superior legal solutions. At the core lies client benefit be it mitigating disputes, enabling transactions, or unlocking value from creations faster. We take pride in making legal seem simple and accessible.

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At JusIP, we understand the complexities of the law and their potential impact on your life and business. Whether you face a legal challenge or seek guidance for your endeavors, our experienced team is here to assist you in navigating the legal process with clarity and expertise.

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