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IP Transactional Advisory and Opinions

IP Transactional, Advisory and Opinions Simplified

At JusIP, our IP legal and advisory team goes beyond conventional filing/prosecution and litigation services to unlock greater value from intangible assets. JusIP helps clients frame IP management policies and unlock value through licensing, transfer, assignment and open innovation and branding partnerships based on landscape insights. We offer assessment services benchmarking patent, trademark strengths relevant during private equity rounds, M&A deals through financial modeling.

Advising early startups on legally safer content licensing, confidentiality aspects and IP ownership structuring also constitutes our expertise. With CFOs and strategy teams, we shape policies incentivizing internal innovation.

We offer customized advisory in areas like:

IP Valuation & Audits: We assess patent, trademark, design, copyright and technology strengths to derive fair value during licensing deals and private equity rounds. Our analysis considers validity, scope, enforceability metrics using advanced financial models.

IP Licensing & Transfer: We aim to provide the finest legal solutions on a wide nature of agreements, ranging from licensing, manufacturing, assignment, reseller and distribution, publishing, non-disclosure agreements, software licensing and end-user agreements, franchise agreements, technology licensing and transfer agreements, registered user agreements etc.

IP Management: We frame policies around invention disclosures, asset creation targeting, competitive tracking to channel innovation strengths, right from R&D to tech-transfer stages across product lines.

Open Innovation: We advise on optimizing returns from the external innovation ecosystem through licensing-in technologies, university tie-ups, grants, and contests early in the product development lifecycle.

Dispute Avoidance: We mitigate conflicts through clearance opinions assessing similarities, prior art, and registered IP. Our searches in global databases provide insights to modify product design/names for risk avoidance.

IP Strategy: Based on assessment of internal competencies and market dynamics, we recommend DIRECTIONS on patenting focus areas, target countries, commercialization modes ensuring higher RoI.

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How can JusIP help me unlock value from my intellectual property (IP)?

JusIP goes beyond standard filing and legal services. We offer comprehensive strategies to unlock value from your IP assets, including:

  • IP management policies: Develop clear guidelines for invention disclosures, asset creation, and competitive tracking, maximizing innovation from R&D to product launch.
  • Licensing and transfer: Assist with various agreements like licensing, assignment, and distribution, ensuring your interests are protected.
  • Open innovation: Guide you on leveraging external innovation sources like technology licensing and university collaborations.
  • Branding and partnerships: Advise on building IP-focused branding strategies and establishing partnerships based on strong IP assets.

How can IP valuation help my business?

JusIP offers IP valuation and audits for:

  • M&A deals and private equity rounds: Determine the fair value of your IP assets for accurate financial modeling and negotiations.
  • Licensing deals: Understand the true worth of your IP to secure the most favorable licensing agreements.

What types of IP licensing agreements do you support?

Our team can assist with various licensing agreements, including:

  • Manufacturing and distribution licenses
  • Publishing licenses
  • Software licensing
  • Franchise agreements
  • Technology transfer agreements

How can JusIP help startups manage their IP?

We offer specialized advice to early-stage startups, including:

Content licensing: Ensure legally sound agreements for content use.
Confidentiality protocols: Develop robust confidentiality measures to protect sensitive information.
IP ownership structuring: Establish clear ownership structures for your intellectual property.

How can I avoid IP disputes?

JusIP offers dispute avoidance strategies like:

  • Clearance opinions: Assess potential conflicts through prior art and registered IP searches, allowing you to modify your product design or name to minimize risks.
  • Strategic IP filing: Recommend patenting focus areas and target countries based on market dynamics to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

The Process

Your intellectual property (IP) - patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, and trade secrets - holds immense potential. But navigating the legal intricacies surrounding IP transactions, seeking expert advice, and obtaining informed opinions can be complex. Here's a simplified breakdown of the process in India:

1. Consultation & Initial Assessment

We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your specific needs and goals. This involves:

  • Identifying your IP assets: We’ll work with you to identify and categorize your valuable creations and innovations.
  • Understanding your objectives: Whether you’re seeking to commercialize your IP, secure funding, or protect it from infringement, we’ll tailor our approach to your unique situation.

2. Exploring Options & Strategic Guidance

Based on your objectives, we’ll present various options and provide strategic advice, including:

  • Transactional services: We can assist with licensing agreements, assignments, and other IP transfers, ensuring your interests are protected and maximizing the value of your IP.
  • Advisory services: We offer comprehensive advice on IP management, helping you develop robust policies, manage your IP portfolio effectively, and identify potential risks.
  • Technical & Legal Opinions: We provide informed opinions on various aspects, like patentability, infringement risks, and trademark availability. This helps you make informed decisions related to your IP assets.

3. Negotiation & Drafting

For chosen options like licensing agreements, we handle the negotiation process, ensuring your interests are carefully considered and reflected in the final agreement. We then draft clear and legally sound contracts, protecting your rights and outlining the terms of the transaction.

4. Execution & Registration (if applicable)

Once agreements are finalized and signed, we facilitate the execution process and handle any necessary registrations with relevant authorities, such as the Indian Patent Office or Trademark Office, ensuring your rights are formally recognized.

5. Ongoing Support & Monitoring

Our commitment to your IP journey extends beyond initial services. We offer ongoing support and monitoring, addressing any questions or concerns you may have, and keeping you updated on relevant legal developments that might impact your IP assets.

Remember: This is a simplified overview, and specific details may vary depending on the nature of your IP and your unique circumstances. Consulting a qualified IP lawyer is crucial for navigating the complexities of transactions, seeking tailored advice, and obtaining reliable opinions.

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