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JusIP assists some of the marquee real estate developers, corporates, and investments firms  in the northern region with specialized advisory around land matters, project planning/financing, regulatory approvals, and dispute resolution.

For our clients we have conducted due diligence around land title deeds, previous sale histories, and dispute proceedings, drafting joint development terms, area sharing arrangements, contractor agreements infusing project management best practices and risk coverage through insurance.

During the planning phase, our advisory covers tie-ups structuring, contractor agreements andinsurance aspects. Thereafter we liaison with authorities on aspects like environment norms, RERA with specialized insights into state-level practices. We also represent interests in disputes concerning allottees, authorities and construction partners.

During construction, we offer counsel around adherence to local building laws, environmental norms while keeping tab on adverse orders and public litigation. Our team maintains close coordination with regional RERA authorities to ensure project registrations, updates, warranties, and other buyer commitments stay compliant.

On the dispute front, our litigators represent builder or buyer interests across consumer courts, RERA and High Courts covering aspects like delay in possessions/approvals beyond grace periods, quality issues, additional charges disputes and possession matters through trusted associate partners.

JusIP represents developers, corporates, investors, allottees across an array of real estate transactions and disputes pertaining to:

Land Due Diligence: title verification, non-encumbrance checks
Project Planning & Financing: construction contracts, property insurance
Registrations & Transfers: sale deed drafting & registration
Property Litigation: tenant eviction, illegal possession matters

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What real estate legal services does JusIP offer?

JusIP provides comprehensive legal support for various aspects of real estate in the northern region of India, including:

  • Land acquisition and due diligence: We assist with title verification, encumbrance checks, and dispute history analysis for land deals.
  • Project planning and financing: We advise on structuring joint development agreements, drafting construction contracts, and securing project financing.
  • Regulatory compliance: We guide you through obtaining necessary approvals, adhering to environmental norms and RERA regulations, and liaising with authorities.
  • Dispute resolution: We represent clients in disputes with allottees, authorities, and construction partners in consumer courts, RERA, and High Courts.

How can JusIP help me with land acquisition for real estate projects?

Our services include:

  • Conducting thorough due diligence: We verify land title deeds, investigate sale history, and analyze past dispute proceedings to minimize risks.
  • Drafting agreements: We draft legally sound joint development agreements and area-sharing arrangements, outlining rights and responsibilities of all parties.

What support does JusIP offer during the real estate project planning phase?

JusIP assists with:

  • Structuring partnerships: We advise on structuring collaboration agreements and joint ventures for project development.
  • Drafting contracts: We draft comprehensive construction contracts, incorporating best practices and risk mitigation strategies through insurance.
  • Regulatory guidance: We provide insights into environmental regulations, RERA requirements, and state-specific practices.

How does JusIP ensure compliance with RERA regulations?

JusIP offers:

  • Liaison with RERA authorities: We maintain close coordination with regional RERA authorities to ensure timely registrations, updates, and adherence to buyer warranties.
  • Legal advice on RERA compliance: We advise on various aspects of RERA, including project registration, disclosure requirements, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

How can JusIP help me with real estate disputes?

Our experienced litigators represent:

  • Developers: We advocate for developers’ interests in disputes related to delayed possessions, approval delays, and additional cost issues.
  • Buyers/Allottees: We represent buyers in disputes concerning quality issues, illegal possession, and violation of possession timelines.

Remember: This is not an exhaustive list, and specific legal advice should be sought for your unique situation. Consulting with a JusIP lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of real estate law and achieve your goals effectively.

Things to keep in mind related to Real Estate Legal Requirements in India

The Indian real estate market offers diverse opportunities, but legal intricacies can pose challenges. Here's a simplified breakdown of the process in 5 steps to guide you:

1. Understanding Property Ownership & Regulations

  • Types of Ownership: Familiarize yourself with different ownership structures like freehold, leasehold, and co-ownership, determining their implications and suitability for your needs.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Research relevant regulations and approvals needed, such as land use permissions, building codes, and environmental clearances, depending on the property type and location.

2. Due Diligence & Title Verification

  • Property Verification: Conduct thorough due diligence, including verifying the seller’s title, ensuring no encumbrances (outstanding dues or claims), and checking for any legal disputes related to the property.
  • Land Records & Approvals: Ascertain the property’s land record status and verify the existence of necessary approvals (construction permits, occupancy certificates) to avoid future complications.

3. Negotiating & Drafting Agreements

  • Negotiation & Terms: Negotiate key terms like purchase price, payment schedule, possession timelines, and any special conditions with the seller, ensuring your interests are protected.
  • Agreement Drafting: Engage a lawyer to draft a legally sound sale agreement or lease agreement, clearly outlining the rights and responsibilities of both parties, including payment terms, warranties, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

4. Registration & Compliance

  • Registration: Register the sale deed or lease agreement with the relevant authorities (Sub-registrar’s office) to formalize the ownership transfer or lease agreement and ensure legal enforceability.
  • Payment of Stamp Duty & Taxes: Adhere to stamp duty and tax regulations applicable to the transaction, ensuring timely payments to avoid penalties and delays.

5. Post-Transaction Support & Dispute Resolution (if needed)

  • Possession & Handover: Ensure smooth property handover and possession as per the agreement, addressing any discrepancies or delays promptly.
  • Dispute Resolution: In case of disagreements, seek legal counsel to explore solutions through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, depending on the nature of the dispute and the desired outcome.

Remember: This is a simplified overview, and specific details can vary depending on the property type, location, and transaction specifics. Consulting with a qualified real estate lawyer throughout the process is crucial to safeguard your interests, navigate complexities, and ensure a smooth and successful real estate transaction.

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