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As an acclaimed team of trademark lawyers and attorneys, JusIP strives to deliver business valuevalue beyond just legal protection. Our services encompass industry research, brand strategy development as well as alignment and comprehensive national/global registration capabilities. We start by understanding brand objectives and performing trademark availability searches.

Our opinions clarify trademark registration feasibility across target geographies while suggesting measures to avoid conflicts. We even advise on domain name registrations as well as hashtags, taglines and social media handles early on to complement branding in the digital space as well.

When it comes to filing, our extensive knowledge of trademark class categorization enables smart protection. We have represented clients in contentious proceedings like oppositions, cancellations and rectifications using evidence-based arguments; and drafted responses to examination queries citing legal grounds and precedents effectively.

On the trademark enforcement side, we monitor markets and online spaces for potential infringement. We issue cease-and-desist as well as take-down notices to offenders pointing unauthorised usage. Where dialogue fails, we coordinate raids with authorities to seize counterfeits, fake and infringing products.

Meticulous dossier formulation, examination responses aligning trademark classifications and arguments dispelling doubts aid us achieve high approval rates for clients. We represent clients across opposition and rectification requests through evidence affidavits, legal provisions and precedents usage focused on amicable resolution.

Apart from trademark registration, renewals, recordals and watches, we also offer valuation guidance during licensing deals, IP transfer or company mergers. Our 360-degree services support startups and multinationals alike to leverage trademarks in line with evolving brand objectives.

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What are the benefits of working with JusIP for trademark registration?

JusIP goes beyond just legal protection, offering a comprehensive service including:

  • Industry research and brand strategy development to strengthen your trademark.
  • Alignment and registration across various territories for national and global protection.
  • Expert advice on domain names, hashtags, and social media handles for consistent branding across all platforms.

How do you ensure successful trademark registration?

We start with understanding your brand objectives and conducting thorough availability searches to assess feasibility and avoid potential conflicts. Our extensive knowledge of trademark categories allows for strategic protection, and our track record includes successful representation in oppositions, cancellations, and rectifications.

How do you handle trademark infringement?

JusIP actively monitors markets and online spaces for infringement. We issue cease-and-desist and take-down notices when unauthorized use is detected. In cases without resolution, we work with authorities to seize counterfeit and infringing products.

What are your success rates for trademark approvals?

Our meticulous approach, including well-crafted dossiers, clear responses to examination queries, and evidence-based arguments, contributes to a high approval rate for client trademarks.

How do you support clients beyond registration?

We offer a 360-degree service encompassing registration, renewals, recordals, and watches. Additionally, we provide:

  • Trademark valuation guidance for licensing deals, IP transfers, or mergers.
  • Strategic advice to help startups and established companies leverage their trademarks effectively and align them with evolving brand objectives.

Trademarks Filling And Protection

Your brand is more than just a name; it's the embodiment of your reputation and customer trust. Here's a simplified breakdown of the process for registering a trademark in India:

1. Trademark Search & Selection

The foundation of a strong trademark strategy lies in choosing a unique and registrable mark. We’ll conduct a thorough search to ensure your chosen name isn’t already in use by another business in your industry. This helps avoid potential conflicts and paves the way for a smooth registration process.

2. Application Preparation & Filing

Once we’ve identified a suitable trademark, we’ll draft a comprehensive application for the Indian Trademark Office (IPO). This involves defining the specific class of goods or services your trademark will be associated with. We’ll also guide you on choosing the most appropriate representation, whether it’s a logo, wordmark, or a combination.


3. Examination & Response

The IPO will review your application. We’ll manage communication with them, address any queries or objections, and provide legally sound arguments to support the registrability of your trademark. This stage may involve additional documentation or clarifications.


4. Registration & Publication

Upon successful examination, your trademark will be advertised in the Trademark Journal. This allows other parties to raise potential conflicts within a specified timeframe. If no objections are received, your trademark will be officially registered.


5. Post-Registration Management

Congratulations! Your brand identity is now legally protected. We can advise you on strategies for maintaining your trademark throughout its validity period, including renewal fees and potential infringement disputes.


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