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With growing importance of content protection, our copyright lawyers offer a spectrum of advisory and disputes management assistance. JusIP has a reputed team of copyright lawyers assisting authors, musicians, producers, developers, and media companies to safeguard original creations and tackle infringement. Our services encompass copyright registration, licensing, assignment, enforcement, and disputes across industries. We understand that technology has enabled rampant copyright infringement today, and have, accordingly, been able to successfully support our clients with ownership complexities in customized software, architectural works, literary works as well as multimedia content. Our copyright registration team ensures quick protection in respective categories through text, images, sound and video documentation.

Representing stakeholders across courts through oral arguments, evidentiary proof exhibits and tactical counterclaims remains our specialty. We also counsel clients on legally safer content usage aspects.

  • Determining copyright eligibility across domain areas
  • Evidence-focused disputes tackling aligned to jurisdiction provisions
  • Enabling legally safer content usage guidelines framing

We have counselled clients seeking to use third-party copyrighted content on aspects like licenses, assignments, and permissible usage. We monitor online and offline spaces for unauthorized usage ranging from movies, music, books to software code. Where dialogue fails, we file civil and criminal complaints while coordinating swift raids with cyber police to seize pirated and infringing stock. Our seasoned copyright lawyers represent clients in copyright disputes concerning ownership, royalty, co-authorship, as well as adaptation rights.

For high-value copyright works / content, we offer assessment services to music labels, producers, artists, publishers, software product companies during funding rounds or M&A deals. Our technical experts evaluate aspects like code quality, vulnerability metrics and architecture strengths for reliable valuation.

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What type of copyrighted works does JusIP protect?

JusIP’s copyright lawyers assist with a wide range of creative content, including:

  • Software: We address ownership complexities in customized software and tackle infringement issues.
  • Architectural works: We defend the rights of architects and designers to their original creations.
  • Literary works: We assist authors, publishers, and other stakeholders in protecting their written works.
  • Multimedia content: We handle copyright matters related to music, films, videos, and other multimedia content.

How can I register my copyright?

Our team can guide you through the copyright registration process, ensuring your work receives quick protection in the appropriate category (text, image, sound, video). We handle the documentation and filing process efficiently.

What if someone infringes on my copyright?

JusIP has extensive experience in copyright dispute resolution. We represent clients in court, utilizing strong oral arguments, evidence-based exhibits, and strategic counterclaims to protect your rights. We can also help you recover damages for infringement.

How can I use copyrighted content legally?

Our lawyers can advise you on legal and ethical ways to use third-party copyrighted material through licenses, assignments, or permissible fair use guidelines.

How do you protect my high-value copyrighted works?

 For valuable content like music, software, or literary works, JusIP offers valuation services. Our team, including legal and technical experts, can assess the work’s commercial value during funding rounds, mergers, or acquisitions.

Protecting Your Creativity: Copyright Registration Process in India

Copyright safeguards your original works of authorship, from literary creations to artistic expressions. Here's a simplified breakdown of the registration process in India:

1. Understand Copyright Eligibility

Not all creations qualify for copyright protection. Our initial consultation will help determine if your work falls under categories like literary, musical, dramatic, artistic, cinematographic, or sound recordings. We’ll ensure your work meets the originality criteria for copyright protection in India.

2. Application Preparation & Filing

Once eligibility is confirmed, we’ll guide you through the application process. This involves completing a prescribed form and providing details about your work, including its title, creator information, and format (e.g., manuscript, musical composition, software code). We’ll ensure the application adheres to all legal requirements.

3. Submission & Examination

The application will be submitted to the Copyright Office, along with the prescribed fees and a copy of your work (depending on the format). The office will then examine the application for completeness and compliance.

4. Registration & Certificate

If no objections arise during examination, your copyright will be registered, and you’ll receive a registration certificate. This certificate serves as prima facie evidence of your ownership and copyright protection.

5. Post-Registration

Congratulations! Your creative work is now legally protected. However, copyright registration is not a one-time act. We can advise you on strategies for enforcing your rights in case of infringement, including issuing cease-and-desist notices or taking legal action.

Remember: This is a simplified overview, and specific details may vary depending on the nature of your work. Consulting with a qualified lawyer can ensure a smooth and efficient registration process, maximizing protection for your valuable creative assets.


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