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As a leading IP law firm, JusIP offers extensive patent filing and protection services for companies and inventors across sectors. Our team has multi-domain technical experts like patent agents, researchers, and engineers to deliver high-quality patent drafting, prosecution, and litigation capabilities.

Our patent drafting services involve preparing patent specifications and illustrations tailored to the invention. This is preceded by comprehensive prior art and landscape searches along with inventor discussions. We draft both provisional and complete specifications for filing at Indian Patent Office, in addition to global filings through PCT or direct routes. Having capability and experience across jurisdictions like Indian Patent Office, USPTO and EPO, we meticulously prosecute patent applications by addressing examiner queries through legally sound arguments.

When it comes to patent prosecution, our experts are well-versed in response strategies and make a compelling case for the inventive merit in applications. We counter objections effectively through legal arguments and technical clarifications. We also guide inventors through various patent office hearings with appropriate briefing.

On the litigation front, we analyse cited prior arts in challenges to invalidate patents, prepare written counter arguments, evidence affidavits, and navigate oral hearings for successful outcomes. We also handle patent appeals, counterclaims, and revocation suits in various High Courts. Our litigation support teams assist clients in nullifying revocation requests and opposition filings backed by evidence affidavits and oral hearings.

To derive value from patents, our IP commercialization team offers services like landscape mapping, valuation, due diligence studies and framing monetization strategies through licensing or technology transfer. We are trusted by companies, universities, and research organizations across India to secure and leverage their inventions.

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What type of patents does JusIP handle?

JusIP has a team of multi-domain technical experts and patent agents who can assist with patents across various sectors. We can draft, prosecute, and litigate patents related to a wide range of inventions, from mechanical and electrical engineering to software and biotechnology.

What is the process of filing a patent with JusIP?

Our comprehensive patent filing process involves:

  • Prior art search and landscape analysis: We thoroughly research existing patents and technologies relevant to your invention.
  • Inventor discussions: We work closely with you to understand your invention in detail.
  • Drafting: We prepare both provisional and complete patent specifications tailored to your invention.
  • Filing: We handle the filing process at the Indian Patent Office, USPTO, EPO, or other jurisdictions through PCT or direct routes.
  • Prosecution: We manage communication with patent offices, address examiner queries, and ensure smooth progress of your patent application.

What happens if my patent application is challenged?

JusIP has a dedicated team of experienced litigators who can handle patent disputes. We analyze challenges, prepare counter-arguments and evidence affidavits, and represent you in oral hearings to defend the validity of your patent.

How can I monetize my patent?

JusIP’s IP commercialization team provides services like:

  • Landscape mapping: Identifying potential markets and competitors for your invention.
  • Patent valuation: Determining the commercial value of your patent.
  • Due diligence studies: Assessing the risks and opportunities associated with your patent.
  • Monetization strategies: Developing plans for licensing or technology transfer to maximize the value of your invention.

How do I know if JusIP is the right patent law firm for me?

JusIP is a leading IP law firm with a proven track record of success in securing and leveraging patents for companies, universities, and research institutions across India. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts and experience across various jurisdictions offer comprehensive and personalized services to help you navigate the entire patent process, from filing to monetization.

Securing a Patent in India - Process Explained

Protecting your brilliant idea with a patent can be a rewarding experience. Here's a simplified breakdown of the process in India:

1. Prior Art Search & Disclosure

Before diving in, it’s crucial to understand the existing landscape. We’ll conduct a thorough search to identify similar patents that might affect yours. This helps refine your invention and ensures it meets novelty and non-obviousness criteria. We’ll also advise you on disclosing your invention strategically – sometimes, keeping it confidential initially might be beneficial.

2. Drafting the Patent Application

This is where your invention comes to life on paper! We’ll work closely with you to understand the technical details and translate them into a clear and concise patent specification with detailed descriptions and illustrations. We’ll also determine whether a provisional or complete specification is best suited for your needs.

3. Filing at the Indian Patent Office (IPO)

Once the application is drafted, we’ll handle the filing process at the IPO on your behalf. This includes paying the necessary fees and ensuring all required documents are submitted correctly.

4. Patent Prosecution & Examination

The IPO examiner will review your application. We’ll manage communication with them, address any queries, and provide legally sound arguments to defend the patentability of your invention. This can involve multiple rounds of communication and potential amendments to the application.

5. Grant & Post-Grant Management

Upon successful examination, your patent will be granted! We can then guide you through strategies for maintaining your patent throughout its lifespan, including renewal fees and potential infringement disputes.

Remember: This is a simplified overview, and the specifics may vary depending on your unique invention. We, as your legal counsel, can provide a detailed roadmap and ensure every step is handled expertly.

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