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Individuals and companies often come up with ideas that can transform the whole world. Further development of the idea may be profitable if it is extremely innovative and creative. Intellectual Property refers to these creations of the mind.

These may include inventions, literary and artistic works designs and symbols, names and images used in commerce etc. Unfortunately, there are people or other companies who are always on the lookout for such innovative ideas making it altogether imperative to protect them This is where an IPR lawyer steps in.

In these recent times, possessing the right IP Creation, Protection, as well as, a Profit-Oriented Strategy is crucial. It is important to have a pretty strong IP base that comprises the brand, technology or even the creative work and even more important to ensure that it is strongly protected and executed.

An imbalance in the two-fold approach of innovation and protection may lead to difficulty in not just enforcement at a later date but also in diminishing the commercial importance of the said IP.

Areas Covered under IPR Law

When we speak about the IPR Law, we refer to a vast area of human creativity and effort in not just innovation but also in public policy. For example, a company has come up with a new drug to reduce the effects of leukaemia.

Or, a company has introduced an energy-saving battery for electric vehicles. Protecting these innovations and assets is the soul of IP Law.

Actual Work of an IPR Lawyer

Interact with any IPR lawyer and you will come to know that they play a range of critical roles. These roles are basically concerned with safeguarding the intellectual property rights of clients. They adorn several hats, from advocating and enforcing a client’s IP in court proceedings or litigation to acting as a legal advisor in strategizing broader means of protection of the IP or preparing critical contracts and transactional documents in licensing and assignment of IP.

How Can JusIP Help You?

At JusIP, we ensure proper guidance and help to our clients regarding cases concerning IP Transaction, Advisory and Opinions. We offer simple and innovative legal solutions. Our sole aim of identifying every way to solve a problem. Our lawyers identify the different ways to a given issue at hand and come up with the right solution.

Our solutions are such that our clients can take a legal call en route to further proceedings. Our experienced lawyers help with the preparation of an extensive IP Litigation Strategy. As a result of this, clients can comprehend the forthcoming steps clearly. It will help them set an expectation, and be aware of all the costs involved.

JusIP provides the best IPR lawyer India and legal solutions on a wide nature of agreements, with a special focus on trademark, patent, and copyright law with experience ranging from expansive advisory, consultancy & negotiations including drafting celebrity/artist contracts with labels/producers, sponsor & endorsement deals for artists/sportspersons, contract for promotional events, music licensing and distribution, book publishing, anti-piracy practice, talent acquisition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, software licensing and end-user agreements, franchise agreements, technology licensing and transfer agreements; licensing, manufacturing, assignment and registered user agreements etc.

Our professionals have exceptional knowledge when it comes to safeguarding the creations, goodwill and innovations of our clients. We are proud of our well-maintained track record of offering simple yet effective IP portfolio management and strategic support. We provide consolidated prosecution and filing support in a range of jurisdictions, having successfully handled extensive portfolios for prosecution, opposition and registration.

Some of the areas where we help our clients include:

  1. IPR audits to ascertain IPR valuation and credits.
  2. Drafting readily understandable, meaningful IP Portfolio Reports.
  3. Legal assistance in drafting and vetting of all IPR related transactions and agreements such as transfer, assignment, licensing, and sub-licensing.
  4. Expansive advisory and consultancy including drafting IP assignment, licensing and distribution, publishing, anti-piracy practice, IP infringements, non-disclosure agreements, etc.
  5. Advisory on structuring data protection policy.

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