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Dealing with National Company Legal Tribunal affairs is a challenging task for any company. In such instances, they need a reliable and trustworthy legal partner. The National Company Law Tribunal evolved out of the Companies Act, 2013 to handle Civil law conflicts.

The purpose of establishing the NCLT was to add dynamism to these legal procedures so that the concerned parties get reasonable justice promptly. The tribunal’s purpose is to safeguard the rights of a business and its internal and external stakeholders.

Since the inception of the NCLT, Civil Lawsuits that come within the context of the Companies Act. Parties involved in such lawsuits can now expect reasonable justice within a shorter time-lapse.

What are some of the significant activities of NCLT?

Company Registration

As per the new Companies Act 2013, one can raise a question against the authenticity and the legitimacy of an organization.

  1. NCLT retains the power to initiate steps on such complaints.
  2. Consequently, it can even order to cancel the registration of a business if the allegation sustains on reasonable evidence in its favor.

Is your organization facing any such charges? If so, you can call on us to represent your organization before the NCLT. We hold innumerable such cases in our experience, fetching reasonable justice to our clients. Our law firm, as such, is the first name the companies consider while looking for NCLT Lawyers In India.

Handling Grievances that involve a transfer of shares

NCLT has been empowered to handle all the grievances that involve disputes about the transfer of shares. In case the tribunal finds any issues with the formalities in the transfer of a share, it can even rule-out the entire process.

  • Our law agency stands beside you, in case you are a party to such conflicts.
  • We have been helping our clients in these instances, protecting their rights and interest in the best possible manner.

Conflicts regarding Deposits: NCLT Lawyers India Can Help

Another central area of NCLT’s Function involves the dispute related to the deposits. In case depositors are unhappy with any point related to the deposit, they can move the National Company Law Tribunal for settling the grievances.

Is that your company facing such a charge? Are you an unhappy depositor? In either of these instances, we stand beside our clients to get them a reasonable and logical verdict. We have helped thousands of individuals and organizations in these instances.

We are the pioneer among the NCLT Lawyer India. Our agency is committed to safeguard and protect the rights and interests of our clients in all instances.

The investigation related to company affairs

For reasons whatsoever, a company faces grievance of its internal and external stakeholders at any time. On the other hand, an individual or other organization can have issues with the functional and operational approaches.

The NCLT retains the authority to handle all these legal formalities. It can initiate, handle, and give a verdict on these instances.

  1. Our Law Firm enters into the scene in these instances, representing our clients before the NCLT.
  2. Our expertise and skill in handling these affairs, protect our clients’ rights and interests in all instances.

The process to convert a Private Limited Company to a Public Limited Organization

Are you planning to convert your Private Limited Company into a Public Limited Enterprise? IF so, you need to complete all the formalities with the NCLT.

The process in this regard is extremely critical, and you require complying with various legal compulsions. It becomes impossible for an organization to handle all the formalities in this regard.

We help our clients to complete these formalities in a hassle-free manner. Our association simplifies the formalities, helping our clients complete the formalities for the conversion within the minimum time.

We represent you before the NCLT in cases related to the freezing of company assets.

If an organization faces any investigation of grievances related to any affairs, NCLT retains the right to freeze its assets. Such instances come extremely challenging for the organization concerned. It is another instance wherein we can play a crucial role.

  1. We handle the entire scope of action on behalf of our clients.
  2. Our mission is to purse the NCLT Officials not to freeze its resources and assets, or freezing the lowest part of it. It helps an organization run with its usual functions and formalities, even if facing an investigation.

Our Esteemed Law Firm is your most reliable partner for NCLTR-related affairs

At JusIP, we ensure proper guidance and help to our clients in cases concerning NCLT related affairs as outlined above. Our expertise and experience ensure that your rights and interests are protected in the best possible manner.

Thus, we committed to helping our clients carry on their business processes in a hassle-free manner. Most importantly, we guide our clients to attain complete compliance with the NCLT guidelines so that they never need to pay any penalties and fines.

Thereby, helping them escape the threats of unproductive expenses.

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